Three Reasons Why Kid Are Mad After Dora Games

“Dora,” the name brings out the smile instantly on the faces of millions of kids across the world. No one really knows what exactly attract kids to this character. Each kid will have his or her own reasons for liking Dora. It is not surprising that kids are addicted to Dora games. It is not only kids that love online games that are named after this animation character but you could see even adults secretly enjoying Dora games online. Why are kids mad after these games?

#1 Dora Never Tires Your Brain

In the world of kids, everything is simple, easy and straightforward. It is only the adults that make things complicated, they make even their entertainment and games complex. Dora animation games are always simple and kids could enjoy these games for hours unendingly without tiring their brain. This certainly appeals to kids psychology. Game developers have understood this very clearly and they create easy games for kids that are designed after this popular animation character. If you give your children a complex puzzle to solve thinking that it will help their lateral thinking capacity, you are going to lose them immediately. Dora games on the other hand could make even the most troublesome kids docile at least when they are enjoying these irresistible games.

#2 Always Very Colorful & Vibrant

Kids love lots of colors in their life and that is what exactly these games give your kids. Have you taken a moment to observe these games online, they are always very vibrant and colorful and they immediately capture the attention of your kids. Children cannot resist vibrant colors and here is another reason why your children are mad after games named after this animation character. Girls love this character more than boys do and that is why you will see so much of Pink in these games and it certainly gets your child hooked.

#3 Countless Games Options 

Another important factor that appeals to children is variety. Children have a very short span of attention and despite that, if they are hooked on to these games for several hours, it is mainly because they have rich variety here. Even though all the games are named after a common character, each game has its own twist and hence different. Children love this variety. Each time your little girl visits the gaming site she has something new to try some new interesting game to learn. Regular boys games do not appeal to your girls as much as these games based after Dora because these games are designed after sentiments that appeal to girls such as dressing up games, bedroom décor games, baby caring games, dentist games and so on.

We may try to identify various reasons why kids are mad after these online games, but there need not be any special reason to like these games. They simply enjoy spending time with this character. You just need to try it yourself once before you get obsessed with these games.

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